Executive Leasing

✓   Leading Provider of Executive Homes

Relocation companies for interstate and international executives turn to only a handful of specialist companies to help them find high level residential accommodation for their clients.Joyce Property Investments is one such company.Joyce has the enviable reputation as being one of the leading providers of prestigious homes and apartments across Perth, which also means they’re constantly looking for more residences to add to the Executive Leasing stable. With the strong WA economy, demand is always high meaning that occupancy is nearly always at 100%.

Joyce Executive Leasing property managers are renowned for their hands on approach and meticulous attention to detail which means that you, as an owner of a prestigious property, receive a superior level of service and quick solutions to any issues that may arise.

✓   Professional & Personal Service

With Joyce’s distinctive personal service you can be assured that all your lease special requirements are met and you’ll always get maximum returns on your investment.

Here are several reasons which make Joyce Property Investments your first choice for Executive leasing in Perth:

  • Highly experienced in dealing at the corporate executive level.
  • Networked to large corporations and relocation companies.
  • Completely transparent accounting.
  • Thorough understanding of the needs of Executive property owners.
  • Complete knowledge of company leases, Residential Tenancies Act and the court system.
  • Unique one on one personal service.

For more information, contact Lisa Joyce on 0419 648 634 or email lisa@joyceproperty.com.au.

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Executive leasing isn’t a one size fits all.