Selling an Investment Property

One of the investment properties in PerthThere are many good reasons to sell your investment property through Joyce Property Investments.


✓   Marketing Expertise
✓   Save Your Time
✓   Strong Relationships
✓   Extensive Investor Database


First, the Residential Sales team markets investment properties all over the Perth metropolitan area. Each agent has specific knowledge of a number of areas and in-house research provides them with up-to-date figures and market trends.

You will also save yourself the time and effort involved in finding a suitable local agent and then having to provide them with the details of your property. The benefit here is that we already have everything we need on your file.

Secondly, as your property manager, we have an existing relationship with the tenant. This will make it far easier to co-ordinate any maintenance work that may be required prior to sale and for gaining access for home opens or private appointments. A co-operative tenant is critical to the successful marketing and sale of the property.

For more information about our Residential Sales services and for advice on the right time to sell or upgrade to a new, more tax-effective property, please contact us on (08) 9429 7700 or email